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  • Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises will use its reasonable ‎endeavors to maintain Moukhtar.com in a fully operating ‎condition. It is not responsible for the results of any ‎defects that exist in Moukhtar.com. You should not ‎assume that Moukhtar.com or its content is error free or ‎that it will be suitable for the particular purposes that you ‎have in mind when using it. Societe Egyptienne ‎Dentreprises reserves the right to make subsequent ‎changes to it, and services may be modified, supplemented ‎or withdrawn.
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  • It is a condition of us allowing you access to the ‎information on Moukhtar.com that you accept we will not ‎be liable for any action you take relying on the information ‎on Moukhtar.com. Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises will ‎not be liable if your use of materials or information from ‎Moukhtar.com results in the need for servicing, repair or ‎correction of equipment or data, you assume any costs ‎relating to the above.
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  • Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises reserves the right to ‎charge for access to certain information on Moukhtar.com. ‎Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises will inform you where a ‎charge will be incurred by you for accessing certain ‎services or information on Moukhtar.com.
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  • You acknowledge that Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises ‎has no control over and excludes all liability for any ‎material on the Internet which can be accessed by using ‎Moukhtar.com. Neither can we be deemed to have ‎endorsed the content.
  • ‎Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises reserve the right to vary ‎the terms of this contract from time to time, such ‎variations becoming effective immediately upon posting of ‎the varied Terms and Conditions on Moukhtar.com. By ‎continuing to use Moukhtar.com you will be deemed to ‎accept such variation.

  • Content (information, communications, images and sounds ‎contained on or available through Moukhtar.com) is ‎provided by Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises, its affiliates, ‎independent content providers and third parties. The ‎contents of Moukhtar.com are copyright ©.. All rights ‎reserved. The contents of Moukhtar.com cannot be ‎reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, ‎downloaded, posted or transmitted in any form or by any ‎means including but not limited to electronic, mechanical ‎photocopying or recording without the prior written ‎permission of Societe Egyptienne Dentreprises.
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