Société Egyptienne D’entreprises

History & Milestone

Engineer Moukhtar Ibrahim founded Societe Egyptienne D`Entreprises In 1936. Since then the company has managed to gain client's confidence and a reputation for meeting it's deadlines, trust, worthiness and seriousness of work. Hence ,not only has the company flourished year after year, but it has also established itself as a leader in the construction field .

The company was converted into an Egyptian joint stock company by the royal decree issued on 18 / 2 /1952. Later on , the company was partially nationalized in 1961. Subsequently it has been fully nationalized in1964.

According to regulations of law no 139 for 1964, the Minister of Development and State for Housing and Land Reclamation as directly supervised the company.Afterwards,it became one of the companies under the authority of public sector for development.

Recently in consequence of the law public works sector no. 203 for 1991 the company became a subsidiary company to the National Company for Construction and Development ( Egyptian holding joint stock Company ).

During this long period, the company has successfully executed major projects in each sector of waste water disposal , potable water , factories , public buildings , roads , bridges , land reclamation, electric power , touristic villages and housing in Egypt , as well as in Each Of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabian, Republic Of Algeria, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, State Of Kuwait , State Of United Arab Emirates and Sultanat Of Oman .

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