Société Egyptienne D’entreprises

Vision & Mission

The company aims a participating in the development of the National Economy within the framework of the state's general policy, especially in the fields of construction and industry.

To accomplish its ambitious , the company mainly depends on its own resources being vast enough to generate an enormous working power.

The company has its own fleet of construction equipment, various types of workshops, steel shaping shops, mobile and stationary batching plants.

Reliability, competence and excellence have always been the goals of the company, Fulfilling these goals has attained the reputation which the company now enjoys.

When talking about the New Era of the company, the company is considered one of the leading economic units which use technological advanced mechanization for executing projects .

The company has advanced facilities for carrying out engineering works such as field and laboratory studies and quality control over its activities. Furthermore, using computer in work has facilitated accessing information related to various fields .In scope of developing the manpower and improving performance , the company provides continuous specialized training courses for employees to match with the most sophisticated international systems in the field of technology, in addition to paying more attention to computer science studies as well as foreign languages to reach the goals of exporting the construction industry abroad.

In view of realizing the governmental program of enlarging the private possession as well as reorganization , the company has established the employees union of shareholders to encourage employees for holding the exhibited shares.

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