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The company gets a new project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



 The company won the project to implement the water transmission system at the third unit pumping station in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with a value of about 1.9 billion Egyptian pounds.
The scope of work of the project, which extends over a length of 54 km, includes water transmission lines works from the existing third unit station to the fourth and fifth unit stations, and includes the development of 29 feeding points (mechanical control) and their conversion to electronic control, and 22 tunnels under roads, gas lines and utilities Existing, supplying and installing a fiber optic cable with a length of 172 km and 54 km steel pipes.
The project also includes expansion works inside the existing third unit station, which includes the supply and installation of 3 new pumps with all their requirements to raise the station’s capacity by 48 million gallons / day, 15 water hammer tanks, 4 chlorine pumping units, and a complete hydraulic study of the project and all lines and stations connected to it to form Closed pumping circuit between 3 existing stations. 

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