Société Egyptienne D’entreprises

Employee Benefits

Regarding To the importance of human factor in the production process, the company has paid attention to strengthen the spirit of affiliation of its employees through caring for them with all possible means , in order to get the extreme extent of productivity .
The company is supporting various activities , amongst their most important fields are:

medical care

The company provided assistance to employees by free treatment for all levels of the company. By Contracting with medical insurance companies to provide services specific care through their own medical network scattered throughout Egypt. That offer excellent medical services.

social care

  • The company accepts the employees requests to private loan after social search.
  • The company accepts the employees requests to lend them.
  • The company accepts the employees requests of special needs with prosthetic devices.
  • The company contributes in medical expenses for kinship class and parental social
  • The company contributes in death benefits for kinship class.
  • the company contributes in nursery fees for children.
This fund aims at improving the level of insurance protection for employees , by means of extra pensions , compensations as well as the grants at service termination.
The company’s share to finance the costs of the complementary system has been decaled to be what is equivalent to 30% of the monthly basic salary besides what has been decided to be what has been decided concerning the shares of employees in the regard.
The company offers all possibilities for developing the professional and mental capabilities of those employees through specialized in all fields of training programs
(Technical – financial and administrative – human resourses)
In keeping with the development policy and To go along with contemporary language and orientation to take over the young leadership positions.The company through measuring leadership and management skills to the candidates employees to took leadership positions determine the necessary training programs for developing their leadership ,management skills and enroll them out in preparation for taken jobs.
The company supports the various activities of the syndicate committee in fields such as pilgrimage, trips and facilities for employees to get their needs.
Regarding To the importance of sports and arts, the activities of the sports committee have been fully supported. The results of that support have appeared and have been represented in winning a frontal score by the volleyball team in the Republic's Championship as well as in acquiring the third position by the acting team in the Republic's Competition when the company's team participated for the first time within 24 companies'teams.
The company allocates buses for transferring the employees from their residence to their work place and return so that avoiding the difficulty and hardship of Public Transportation to devote their energies and efforts for the quality of the work performance.
The company encourages and supports employees in starting up any constructive activity of these activities is the society of services which offers subsidies in cases of marriage,birth,surgical operations and others more.
The company has established a set of distinct Resorts in Gamassa and Marakia To provide a means of recreation and rest from the trouble of work and spend the summer holidays, festivities and holidays for workers and their families because of the significant impact on the renewal of activity workers Having built this Resorts according to a beautiful architectural models And overlooking the water,nature and landscape Tand bathrooms magnificent pool. Ensure the provision of services including hotel retired workers and their families.

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