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Sohag Governor and the Minister of Housing inspect the water station of west Sohag .



 Sohag Governor Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari and Minister of Housing, Utilities and New Urban Communities Dr. Assem El-Gazzar inspected the water station of west Sohag "Shosh" in the presence of Eng. Moheb Mounir Salem Chairman and Managing Director of the Egyptian Contracting Company Mokhtar Ibrahim at a project total cost of 200 million pounds in fourth inspection tour in Sohag.

Dr. Mohamed El Touny, the official speaker for Sohag explained that The governor of Sohag and the Minister of Housing inspected the works of the station, which will serve 500 thousand people, and the station is located on an area of 5 acres and 13 carats, with a capacity of 75 thousand cubic meters / day.

 The Governor and the Minister of Housing listened to an explanation about the station from Eng Ihab Khedr, President of the National Authority for Potable Water and Sanitation.

The Governor pointed out that the station will serve the villages of "Mazalwa, Demno, Nina Sharqiya, Shandawil Island, Nagaa Tammam, Tunisia, Awlad Naseer, Nagaa Najjar, Nagaa El Bakhita, Beni Zar, Awlad Azaz, Qalfao, Baja, Saadallah and Sheikh Makram" . 

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