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Minister of Housing inspecting water plants in Sohag      ::      A delegation from the Sultanate of Oman visits the company.      ::      Minister of Housing and the Governor of sharkya inspecting water plant expansions in Hehia      ::      Minister of Public Business Sector visit the headquarters of Moukhtar Ibrahim co.      ::      Eng Mostafa Madboly - Minister of Housing , Utilities & Urban Communities visits the new administrative capital .      ::      Prime minister eng sherief Ismail visits Potable Water plant at 6th. of October City.      ::      
Sultanate of Oman : Construction of additional water Tanker Filling stations - Eastern district Project Description:
 The Project will provide supply, installation, construction, testing, commissioning, and initial maintenance of the following:
- Supply and installation of main pipeline Ductile iron with 600 mm diameter, length of 56 km from Ibra to Al Jarda.
- Supply and installation of pipelines to link Tanker Filling stations with lines list of Ductile iron diameter of 200 mm, total length of 80 km and 150 mm diameter 120 m long.
- 11 Tanker Filling stations at the following locations : - Al Jarda , Al Habat, Al Wafi, Aynayn, Zaydi, Al Aflaj, Muqhibra, Al Hayema, Quffaifa, Al Hyal and Asmaeya.
- 11 elevated storage 80 m³ for one per reservoir for each Tanker Filling station.
- 2 pumping station, capacity of one (capacity 60 liters / sec and pressure 15 bar) first station adjacent to the existing site at Alyahmadi and the other station, 3 km from the Tanker Filling station at Alhaimh - each site contains a suction reservoir connected to the pump station 350 m³ & Guard house.
- 2 pumping station building in existing sites at khadraa bani dafaa site to service Tanker station at Alhabat (capacity of 20 liters / sec and pressure of 9 bar) and at Raqi site to service Asmaeya Tanker station (capacity 10 liters / sec and pressure 12 bar) 
- Adding 2 Pumps with related surge vessel in existing pump station building in Adhaher Pump Station to serve Al Hyal Tanker station (capacity 10 liters / sec and pressure 1.5 bar).
- 2 break pressure tank at  Al Jarda , Asmaeya capacity of unit 100 m³  and one break pressure tank at Asmaeya capacity 350 m³.
- 30 line valve chambers, 58 air valve chambers and 38 washout chambers on the main line diameter 600 mm. 
- 41 valve chambers, 71 air chambers and 59 washout chambers on the branch lines diameter 200 mm. 
- Wadi protection for 17 km of pipeline diameter 600 mm, and 13.8 km of pipeline diameter 200 mm.
- Tunnels under roads 200 m long for diameter 600 mm and 475 m long for diameter 200 mm pipelines.
- Soil investigation and reporting works.
- Rehabilitation of the existing Tanker Filling station at Al Hayema.
- SCADA works. 
- Electrical and Mechanical works. 

Project value & Date:
- The Value of contract is 22.162 Million OMR
- The Contract Date 23/10/2010
- The End Date 6/30/2013