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Minister of Housing inspecting water plants in Sohag      ::      A delegation from the Sultanate of Oman visits the company.      ::      Minister of Housing and the Governor of sharkya inspecting water plant expansions in Hehia      ::      Minister of Public Business Sector visit the headquarters of Moukhtar Ibrahim co.      ::      Eng Mostafa Madboly - Minister of Housing , Utilities & Urban Communities visits the new administrative capital .      ::      Prime minister eng sherief Ismail visits Potable Water plant at 6th. of October City.      ::      
Housing & Tourist Villages and their Utilities : Potable water systems , drainage and irrigation of green Areas at the 1 st. & 2 nd. Districts, New Qena City Project Description:
 * Potable water networks:
- D.I pipelines of 400 : 1000 mm dia., & 8.336 km total length.
- UPVC pipelines of 100 : 250 mm & 56.997  km total length.
* Irrigation networks:
- D.I pipelines of 300 : 500 mm dia., & 7.673 km total length.
- uPVC pipelines of 100 : 250 mm dia. & 41.193 km total length.
* Wastewater networks:
-V.C pipelines of 200 : 500 mm dia. & 43.663 km total length.
- Precast R.C pipelines of  700 : 1200 mm dia. & 6.963  km total length.
* D.I Pressurized pipeline of 900 mm dia. & 10 km total length.
* Road works in new Kena city: 
*crossings :
-crossing type under railway and qena safaga road (to pass pressurized pipeline) DI  with dia 2500 mm and length 170 m 
-  crossing type under under railway of al flnkat factory ( to pass Potable water pipeline ) DI with dia 2000 mm with length 50m 
-  crossing type under railway of al flenkat factory( to pass wastewater pipeline ) with dia 2500 mm an d length 50 m 
-  crossing type under el flenkat factory railway( to pass pressurized pipeline) with dia 2000 and 50 m length 

Project value & Date:
- The Value of contract is 188.172985 Million EGP
- The Contract Date 08/01/2009
- The End Date 30/09/2017